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Privacy Policy

Users are supposed to read the given section thoroughly before you start using Freebears.com as well as services it provides. If you start using Freebears.com services, you automatically agree with this agreement as well as terms described below. Freebears.com may collect, process and store data delivered by users and use it for any purposes described in the statements below. You can opt for any of the Freebears.com services and content unless you disagree with any of the described statements. If so, users are supposed to avoid using Freebears.com and services it provides.

Make sure you clearly understand the statements and points below. Keep in mind that they can apply to any type of software and hardware, tools, data, functionality, and features delivered by the website and contained in its services. The same applies to any subsidiaries that operate on behalf of the company as well as affiliates and other third parties. Keep in touch with our support team every time you have any questions regarding the given section. Also, note that the company reserves the right to make any changes, amendments, and updates to the given Privacy Policy without notifying the user.

1. What type of info we collect? We are aimed at delivering the best services to our users. For this reason, we gradually update and improve our website. This is why we may collect and process different types of data including:

  1. Info delivered by users. Sometimes users may need to indicate their personal info including name and surname, email, phone number, links to social network accounts, etc. The info should be applied when completing the registration or through the direct communication with the website administration.
  2. Info about Affiliates and Partners. Freebears.com reserves the right to collect and process user’s personal info from third parties. This may include personal data generated from your social accounts and platforms that represent third parties featuring users’ photos and other data that may come in handy for supplementing.

1.3. Contact info. Once you have opted for the contact form or provides contact info during the registration process, Freebears.com may collect contact data with the aim to handle your inquiries and send fast responses to resolve particular issues. The contact info may be collected in order to send personalized offers and promotional materials as well as newsletters and other push notifications upon users’ requests.

  1. Personalized Offers. The company strives to provide better and more comprehensive services to its users. For this reason, we may constantly collect aggregated personal info that refers to users’ demographics, habits, preferences, likes, and tastes. The info is generated via surveys and studies. Freebears.com may enable research studies to generate aggregated personal data. The company reserves the right to share this info with third-party companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, etc.
  2. Additional Info. Every time you visit Freebears.com or use its services, you agree that the company may collect info related to your browser, IP address, device records, IDFA identifiers, Google Advertiser IDS, etc. We collect and process info that refers to the session length (the time you spend on our website every new session), cookie information, device location, etc. The generated data includes technical specs and characteristics of a device you use to enter our website. It may include the type of the careers, OS, and other crucial device parameters. The aggregated data may be used for monetization and advertising purposes as well.

2. Why do you need cookies? Freebears.com reserves the right to use cookies as the tool to collect, process and store the info described in the given section. They include temporary and persistent cookies that are sent to your device within a limited timeframe. Persistent cookies may be removed from your device manually. Until that time, they remain on user’s device and handle the browser settings making it easier for us to deliver our services through Freebears.com. Please, note that we never use cookies to identify a person using our services or website. It is technically impossible for Cookies to do any harm to your device as well as do any damage. Depending on the browser settings, you may have an opportunity to block our cookies. In this case, you may suffer from a limited access to some of the services provided. Make sure your browser sends notifications if the cookies are blocked or not. Freebears.com reserves the right to use web beacons to generate and process necessary data through the services provided. Web beacons make it easy to deliver cookies to your device as well as track the number of sessions and visits.

3. Links to Third-Party Websites. The website may provide links to other web resources and third-party sites to establish an enhanced service delivered to our users. Keep in mind that we never take any responsibility for any privacy practices and Terms of Use established by the third-party websites and resources. If you start using their services, you automatically agree to their terms of use and other policies. Make sure you read their Privacy Policy section before using the website.

4. Age Limitations. Children under 14 are not allowed using our website and services unless they can ensure parental consent. The parental consent is needed to let Freebears.com contact children under 14 in case of necessity. Otherwise, we will not be able to engage and resolve any issues. Feel free to contact us every time you suppose your child has provided any personal info without a prior parental consent. We will remove all collected data from our database immediately upon request.

5. Data Sharing. Freebears.com reserves the right to share users’ personal info with third-party websites, affiliates, business partners and subsidiaries in order to ensure smooth analytics processing and prompt service delivery. Make sure you read and understand some other occasions that may become a reason for the company to share users’ personal info with third parties:

  • As prescribed by the given Privacy Policy and Terms of Use;
  • For any actions related to the company involved in the acquisition, rebranding, reorganization, etc.;
  • For the need to follow jurisdiction and law in case of fraud or other illegal actions that result in an investigation or required by the law representatives.

6. Data Security. Freebears.com meets all necessary security standards and requirements when it comes to protecting unauthorized access to users’ personal information. We prevent all efforts that may result in users’ info disclosure, fraud, destruction, etc. At the same time, we cannot guarantee 100% control and protection, as any data transmission through the Internet may guarantee 100% info security. However, we are obliged to implement all available tools and take drastic measures in order to ensure users’ personal info safety.

7. Data Processing, Accessing and Updating. Freebears.com collects, processes and stores users’ personal info for purposes that are described in the following Privacy Policy as well as to improve delivered services. Freebears.com regularly reviews the data provided by users to ensure its accuracy and completeness. We take all possible steps and measures to constantly update the info to make our services more up-to-date and actual for tuskers. The Freebears.com Freebears.com reserves the right to delete any records or pieces of info at its own notice without notifying the user. We also have the right to refuse from recording particular info updates and new records.

Users are free to keep in touch with the website Freebears.com in case he or she wants to delete all personal info collected and stored by the website. All you need is to send a request and permit Freebears.com to delete all data about you. The info will be disclosed immediately after we receive the request. Users do not have to pay any fees for correcting, updating or modifying the available information. However, Freebears.com may charge fees for some particular actions. We reserve the right to neglect any requests that counteract with the given Privacy Policy or look unreasonable, systematic, etc. We never provide users with the access to other personal information.

8. Enforcement. Freebears.com is looking for the slightest chance to cooperate with users and resolve any issues. For this reason, we guarantee to review any complaint or request written formally and sent via available contact methods. Freebears.com is obliged to provide professional assistance on any issue in accordance with the given Privacy Policy. We collaborate with local authorities and regulatory institutions to ensure personal info protection. Freebears.com teams up with other official establishments to resolve any issue between the company and the user.

9. Changes, Amendments and Updates. Freebears.com administration reserves the right to make any changes, updates and amendments in the given Privacy Policy without notifying the user. If you continue using our website and its services, you automatically agree with all changes, amendments and updates. Do not use Freebears.com or any of its services in case you do not agree with changes and updates. We recommend users to check the given section regularly and search for possible changes and amendments.

10. Processing Consent. Every time a user with or without limitations (depending on the country of residence) provides his or her personal data for collecting, processing and storing, he or she agrees with all terms described in the given Privacy Policy. At the same time, users agree that Freebears.com is allowed to process data abroad as well. All actions related to collecting and processing personal info may be performed outside the country where user accesses the website or uses our services. Freebears.com has the right to transfer users’ personal data to another country without notifying the user. The info transfer to another country does not depend on the protection level or any other limitations established by local authorities of the given country. If you do not agree with this statement or do not want your personal info to be processed in another country, do not use our services or website.

11. Requests and Question. Use the available contact information to keep in touch with Freebears.com representatives and resolve any issue. Whether you need to delete your personal information as well as update or change data, contact us using any method indicated on the Freebears.com website.


Last Date Updated: May 25, 2018.